The ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking platform

ENTRANCE has created a unique ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking Platform for the entire European transport and mobility landscape that will be sustainable beyond the project’s duration. The platform (i) connects a critical mass of relevant stakeholders from the “supply-demand-finance” triangle in the entire transport and mobility sector, including all transport means and modes (ii) creates an increased visibility of “first-of-a-kind” transport solutions, foreseen replacement plans and schedules of major buyers and public and private financing opportunities; (iii) does an automatic matchmaking that will facilitate the scale up, market uptake, and access to finance as well as generate specific alerts in regard to:

  • Supply-Demand. This includes a matchmaking between potential buyers of the solution, potential replacement plans and schedules, and finally an automatic matchmaking with the platform’s database of public national and European tenders.
  • Demand-Demand. Replacement plans and schedules are grouped, and buyers’ interests and needs are matched.
  • Supply-Financial Investor and Demand-Financial Investor. The investors are directly matched with the potential solution providers and buyers that fit with their interests.
  • Supply-Financing Programme and Demand-Financing Programme. The solution providers and buyers are matched with potential funding programmes that fit with their interests.
  • Supply-Legislation and Demand-Legislation. The solution providers and buyers are matched with information on the legal framework that is to be applied to the uptake of the innovative transport solutions of their interest.
  • Supply-Best Practices and Demand-Best Practices. The solution providers and buyers are matched with best practices on how innovative transport and mobility solutions in the same area have been applied.


Are you an innovator? “The ENTRANCE platform is a point of departure for bringing your innovation to market!”

Are you a buyer? “The ENTRANCE platform is a first-of-its-kind European collaboration portal to ensure a fair negotiation purchase aggregation process regarding the risk-, cost-, and gain-sharing mechanisms between you and your collaboration partners through a neutral trustee!”

Are you an investor? “The ENTRANCE platform is a unique view on the sector’s landscape plus fast ways to connect with innovators and buyers!”

Whichever group you belong to, here you will find what you are looking for on topics of sustainable mobility and transport on water, in the air, on the road and on rail. Registering on the platform is fast and convenient! Become part of the ENTRANCE community!

How to register and benefit from the ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking Platform best? Look the short tutorial video below. And then register on the ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking Platform. We welcome all who want to enjoy our network to contribute to sustainable traffic and transport in Europe.

Short ENTRANCE Matchmaking Platform tutorial:


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