MS1 Project start 1 (January 2021) The kick-off meeting has been conducted.
MS2 Project website online 3 (March 2021) The ENTRANCE website has been made available.
MS3 ENTRANCE platform released 9 (September 2021) The platform is online and operative with all its features.
MS4 Pool of potentialusers of the platformidentified 8 (August 2021) The report on the identified supply, demand and financing
opportunities is released.
MS5 Collaboration with
external association and relevant initiatives have been initiated
6 (June 2021) The structure of the Advisory Board has been established.
MS6 Initiation of training and brokerage activities 6 (June 2021) First online training webinar has taken place.
MS7 Set-up of ENTRANCE secretariat 3 (March 2021) Personnel has been assigned to the secretariat and
communication channels have been created (e-mail and phone number).
MS8 The project starts offering services to support purchase aggregations 9 (September 2021) The neutral trustee support services have been launched.
MS9 The project begins to advice supply and demand on finance options 9 (September 2021) The innovation finance
support services have been launched.
MS10 The project has established a firm exploitation and sustainability strategy 36 (December 2023) D6.2 Exploitation plan & sustainability strategy has been submitted to the EC.