The specific activities and services

ENTRANCE has developed an online ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking Platform and offers additional offline support services to accelerate the market access and scale up of first-of-a-kind sustainable transport products and services at European level and foster the de-risking of large purchasing. To achieve this, the project:

  • Designed and developed a common and legitimate European matchmaking platform for the transport and mobility sector that is a reference hub for bridging the gaps and facilitating matchmaking between providers of innovative zero emission transport and mobility technologies, products and services, buyers and investors.
  • Identifies and attracts first-of-a-kind zero, or near-to-zero, emissions transport and mobility solutions, potential buyers and financing opportunities and assesses the quality of the same to ensure high value content.
  • Stimulates dissemination of information and exchange of knowledge on best practices on deployment of innovative and sustainable transport solutions, national and European tenders, and legislation related to the uptake of innovative transport and mobility solutions.
  • Engages with users of the ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking Platform through training and brokerage activities that are designed to increase the maturity of the ENTRANCE network and bridge the gap between innovative solutions and the market.
  • De-risks the uptake of innovative solutions by developing and facilitating purchase aggregation of innovative transport and mobility tools and services.
  • Supports solution providers and buyers with access to public and private innovation finance.