The ENTRANCE Newsletter – 14th Issue

The ENTRANCE project released the 14th newsletter issue earlier this week.

The topics covered in this issue:

  • Upcoming events: 2 free online workshops;
  • Recent events: Smartcity Business Forum, TRA 2022, POLIS 2022, and other project workshops;
  • Call to action: the 2022 CEF Transport Call for Proposals and 2023-24 HORIZON Europe work programme;
  • Recent news from ENTRANCE: New findings from the ENTRANCE market analysis, important legislations regarding passengers, and the ENTRANCE Knowledge Hub;
  • News about transport and mobility.

You can find the newsletter here: https://bit.ly/3VUfOoQ

Why subscribe to the ENTRANCE newsletter?

In our quarterly newsletter, we share the most important news related to reducing CO2 emissions in Europe that are caused by the transport sector. We also announce upcoming events: both physical and online. These events are great for networking and learning more about up-and-coming first-of-a-kind solutions in the transport and mobility sectors. Most of these events are free of charge.

We also provide free access to informative materials and studies such as market analysis on innovative solutions for medium-and-heavy duty zero-emission vehicles for road freight transport.

Newsletter subscription link: https://bit.ly/3CNNkGa

Access free resources on the ENTRANCE Matchmaking platform: https://app.entrance-platform.eu/portal/dashboard.html