Reducing transport emissions: Commission adopts guidelines to improve vehicle inspections

The publication of a recommendation to improve periodical technical inspection of vehicles

The European Commission published a recommendation to improve the periodical technical inspection of vehicles on 20 March 2023. With road transport being the largest source of air pollution in cities, accurate testing is key to ensure that vehicles are in line with emission standards throughout their lifetime. Harmonised testing also ensures fair competition amongst manufacturers.

What is the main goal of vehicle inspection improvements?

It has been discovered that current testing methods are not yet adapted to more recent vehicles equipped with particle filters, they cannot ensure that vehicles with defective or tampered diesel particulate filters are detected during inspections. Certain Member States have therefore introduced or will soon introduce particle number (PN) measurement as part of their inspections.

To ensure a coordinated approach across the EU, the Commission’s guidelines define requirements related to the PN measuring equipment and procedure, metrological and technical requirements, and recommend a pass/fail limit.

What changes are being made?

Today’s recommendations are based on existing methods developed by certain Member States, the findings of laboratory tests carried out by the Joint Research Centre of the Commission as well as a consultation of the Commission’s Roadworthiness Expert Group. The guidelines apply to the periodic technical inspection of vehicles equipped with compression ignition engines and represent a first step towards harmonised PN measurement during roadworthiness testing.

Where can you learn more about what is available in the market?

Cities are home to over 70% of the EU population and many urban areas harbour increasing demand for urban mobility, thus creating a situation that generates severe congestion, poor air quality, noise pollution, and high levels of CO2 emissions. Therefore, it is important to understand the need of the population and measure the possibility of effective conversion to zero-emission technologies for transport and mobility, in order to improve the quality of life for urban dwellers. In the frame of the ENTRANCE project, two market analysis reports on innovative solutions for Medium- and Heavy-duty Zero-Emission Vehicles for Road Freight Transport and heavy-duty waste collection vehicles have been developed and made available for free to all organisation interested in understanding the global market and investing in the transport sector. Find the market analysis reports conducted by EU-funded initiatives and supported organisations here.

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Learn more about the adoption guidelines for vehicle inspection improvement and download Commission Recommendation of 20.3.2023 on particle number measurement for the periodic technical inspection of vehicles equipped with compression ignition engines document HERE.