Zero-emission heavy-duty waste collection vehicles: Market gaps and collaboration to advance innovation online workshop

On 27 October, the ENTRANCE project and Big Buyers initiative organised an online workshop aiming to elaborate on the market analysis of zero-emission waste collection vehicles to advance and uptake the innovation for reducing emissions and congestion in cities. This workshop focused on discussing the current market gaps that are preventing the wider European uptake and collaboration to advance innovation.

Antonio Invito, analyst PNO Consultants, presented the market analysis on the available zero-emission waste collection vehicles in the market which is available on the ENTRANCE platform. Jeanett Bolther, Senior Innovation Consultant at PNO who leads the ENTRANCE project, participated in this event presenting funding opportunities to achieve the implementation of zero-emission waste collection vehicles for urban services.

The event also counted on the participation of two successful examples on the implementation of these vehicles in Rotterdam (Richard BrabersInkoper) and Göteborgs (Peter Årnes), the participation of Wouter Ijzemans (BEPA), and the co-organisation and participation of Big Buyers represented by Anja de Cunto. The workshop was attended by 27 participants from across Europe.

The market analysis identified 88 different models and solutions of zero-emission vehicles for waste collection in urban areas and it can be found in the ENTRANCE platform, as well as the video recording of the webinar and the presentations (to access the market analysis, you can register on the platform free of charge): https://app.entrance-platform.eu/knowledge-hub/market-analysis.html

As a follow-up to the workshop, a closed panel debate was held to gather knowledge on potential market gaps and collaboration:

  • 31% of participants agreed that after hearing the information provided by the speakers, they think that zero-emission heavy-duty waste collection vehicles are ready to be used in our cities, and the other 69% agreed with the condition that some improvements are still needed.
  • 40% of the workshop’s attendees expressed that the main obstacles to the implementation of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in the cities are high costs and the need for financing methods. The other 30% percent thought it’s the vehicles needing more technical development, and the last 30% – that it’s the lack of the city’s charging/refilling infrastructure for these vehicles.
  • When asked what could be the most important solution to focus on to overcome the current market uptake barriers, the majority of the participants (75%) answered that it would be a lower cost and the less popular opinion was that more advanced R&D batteries and vehicles could be a solution.

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