Unlocking Urban Potential with 2nd DUT Call 2023

The highly anticipated DUT Call 2023 has been announced, and it shapes up as a major game-changer for cities looking to tackle their distinct urban challenges effectively. The call represents a proactive initiative under the European Partnership Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) that aspires to bolster a strong portfolio of research and innovation (R&I) projects. The core intent? To work in line with what cities need the most.

Embracing a Diverse Range of Disciplines

The DUT Call 2023 harnesses an encouraging atmosphere for a variety of scientific disciplines. The doors are wide open for interdisciplinary approaches that promise to bring a well-rounded perspective to the addressed issues. This inclusive initiative is divided into three broad “Transition Pathways.” They include Positive Energy Districts, the 15-minute City, and Circular Urban Economies, each with its unique capacities and significance.

15-Minute City Pathway: A priority

Among the three, the 15-Minute City pathway holds a central position. It revolves around facilitating the urban mobility transition and encompasses three essential themes:

1. Integration of policies and evidence to reduce car-dependency.
2. Evolution of mobility and planning policies for proximity-oriented developments.
3. Empowering individuals to partake more substantially in urban mobility transitions.

So, what does this mean for cities? Essentially, it presents them with a roadmap to devise strategies that pull people away from car-dependency, improves city planning to make essential amenities reachable within a 15-minute walk or bike ride, and engages civilians in achieving this highly feasible urban mobility objective.

And There’s More…

The DUT Call 2023 readily encourages the participation of at least three partners from distinct countries, who are eligible for funding. It outlines the necessity of a concise explanation of the value added by transnational collaboration.

Key Dates to Remember

The DUT Call 2023 opens its gates to proposals from September 1 to November 21, 2023. An information webinar to better understand the opportunity is scheduled for September 12, 2023.

A Step Towards Urban Transition

The DUT Call 2023 promises to be an important milestone in the journey to a sustainable future. By encouraging diversified research and innovative strategies, it envisions a future where cities can handle their unique challenges in an effective, efficient, and sustainable way. This call urges us to rethink our cities and drive urban transitions that have a lasting positive impact on our everyday lives.

Lastly, every proposal is expected to make it clear how stakeholders’ engagement is incorporated into the projects and how user needs influence project goals.

To conclude, the DUT Call 2023 is not just a push for urban innovations, but a shared effort to make our cities better, strong and more sustainable.

Infosession will take place on 12 September 2023 at 10 AM CET. Register here: https://dutpartnership.eu/dut-events/dut-call-2023-info-day-1/

Contact information

More information: https://dutpartnership.eu/funding-opportunities/dut_call_2023/

Contact: call@dutpartnership.eu