Successful first webinar with the European Investment Bank (EIB) about funding mechanisms for providers of sustainable transport and mobility solutions to boost EU uptake – a review

The first webinar within the ENTRANCE project took place live on 22nd June 2021 with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

We thank the experts of the EIB, Özhan Yılmaz and Juliet Dow-Madu, who presented the EIB’s funding mechanisms for transport and mobility solution providers across Europe and how these can be applied for deployment projects and scaling up of innovative transport and mobility solutions.

We also wish to thank all participants for your attendance at this first training webinar of the ENTRANCE project and for all your interesting questions in the discussion round!

With 190 registrations, the webinar was a great success and we are pleased that the topics met with such great interest. It is with great pleasure that we can now share with you the link to the video of the recorded webinar and the presentation.

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We look forward to continue our cooperation in this exciting initiative!