Official Launch of the Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake for Sustainable Transport

The Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake for Sustainable transport has now been officially launched!

The transport sector not only represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but is also the main cause of air pollution in cities. Although emissions from the sector have seen a decline since 2007, they still remain higher than in 1990. The European Commission’s Low-emission Mobility Strategy, adopted in 2016, has initiated a shift towards a low-emission and sustainable transport ecosystem. Many innovative solutions in transport, such as micro-mobility services and zero-emission freight vehicles, that can help to decarbonise the transport sector have been developed through public and private funding. Those solutions could potentially significantly reduce emissions and air pollution of the sector, if implemented widely. Although much effort has been made to facilitate market uptake of innovation in transport (e.g. HORIZON Result Booster), progress remains slow, with many innovations not having been implemented or only at a smaller scale, thus limiting their contributions.

We, the consortium members of the 7 HORIZON 2020 Coordination and Support Actions Projects, have realised the importance of accelerating market uptake of sustainable and innovative solutions and decided to unify our efforts to advance progress. Therefore, we launched this Task Force to:

✓ raise awareness of project activities on advancing market uptakes of innovation in transport to a wide range of stakeholders including high-level policy makers;
✓ mobilise resources from projects and other initiatives to address key obstacles, thus facilitating market uptake of innovations;
✓ create cross-project, cross-sectoral cooperation to maximise impacts of project activities and avoid duplication.

Download the announcement: Launch of the Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake in Transport_20211215

The Task Force is also welcoming other projects/organisations/initiatives to join!

It will be such a please to work with those who have visions and ambitions to advance market uptakes of innovative solutions to decarbonise the transport sector!