From learning to replicating: Innovative Urban Air Mobility solutions workshop outcomes

On 19 April, the RECIPROCITY workshop on Innovative Urban Air Mobility Solutions offered an opportunity for cities, policymakers, and innovators to gather and deliberate on the most recent advancements in drone and air mobility technologies. The event showcased cutting-edge solutions while discussing their replicability in various cities across Europe.

EU Drone Strategy 2.0

Giancarlo Crivellaro, Policy Officer from the European Commission, captivated the audience with an introduction to the European Drone Strategy 2.0. This comprehensive strategy is designed to accelerate drone technology development while ensuring safety and efficacy.

Key aspects of the strategy include safety, sustainable practices, and data-sharing initiatives to ensure successful implementation across Europe.

Innovative Projects from Helsinki (FI) and Coventry (UK)

Two speakers presented groundbreaking projects that highlighted the practical applications of urban air mobility:

1. Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, Project Manager from Forum Virium Helsinki, presented “Drones in the city – the transport of the future? Experiences from Helsinki”. The project showcased how drone services could significantly reduce delivery times and emissions.

2. Sunil Budhdeo, Transport Innovation Manager from Coventry City Council, discussed “E-VTOL in an urban environment, the Electric Heartlands (Coventry)”. The presentation focused on Coventry’s promising e-VTOL project, aimed at providing cleaner urban mobility solutions.

Interactive Sessions and Market Analysis

The workshop also featured interactive sessions in which participants discussed replicability aspects and shared their insights. Antonio Invito, Innovation & Business Analyst from PNO Consultants, provided insightful market analysis on trends, challenges, and opportunities in the urban air mobility sector. The full analysis encompasses +150 dromes and aircrafts, +50 infrastructure companies and +80 solution providers for air traffic management systems.

A comprehensive analysis report can be downloaded from the ARRIVAL platform: https://www.arrival-platform.eu/knowledge-hub/market-analysis.html


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The RECIPROCITY workshop on Innovative Urban Air Mobility Solutions was a resounding success, fostering valuable conversations and collaborations among experts in the field. By exploring the potential of replicability and sharing innovative mobility solutions, officials and stakeholders can ensure more sustainable and convenient urban transportation systems in the coming years.

As the world continues to move forward with innovative solutions, workshops like these encourage creative collaboration and shine a light on the role technology can play in creating a greener, interconnected future for all.


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