1st ENTRANCE open competition winner CONTAI is looking for partners!

In October 2021, ENTRANCE launched its first open competition, inviting providers of innovative transport and mobility solutions to submit their sustainable innovations. Five winners were selected by a jury. CONTAI is the winner, who was awarded a special monetary prize sponsored by CIMALSA.

Now ENTRANCE is accompanying CONTAI on its way to bringing its great innovative solution to market by amongst others innovation finance support services and making the solution public – thus bringing Europe a step further in the direction of more sustainability in mobility and transport of the last mile!

Become part of the ecosystem approach – “Connecting to existing logistics”. CONTAI invites YOU to become the solution owner!

Read HERE the introduction about how CONTAI’s story began.

And learn in this presentation, how CONTAI solves the challenges of the last mile, what it means with the “any cargo – any vehicle” concept. Learn about their various winning awards, their technological roadmap, and YOUR opportunities to become part of a rapidly growing and evolving global business with huge volume.

For a visual impression you are welcome to have a look at CONTAI´s video.